WF Magnum 2 pk
WF Magnum 2 pk

WF Magnum 2 pk

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The Magnum glass is the perfect glass to suit the largest variety of wines. It takes its shape from RIEDEL's most functional and versatile bowl. The glass helps to release the aromas of wines, emphasise fruit, and balance tannins in red wines.

RIEDEL Wine Friendly presents a collection for beginner or occasional wine drinkers after easy-to-use glasses produced with the famous RIEDEL quality.

The RIEDEL Wine Friendly collection caters to a worldwide increase in demand for entry-level glasses that are functional and versatile.
Developed initially as mise-en-place for the hospitality industry, where storage limitations often dictate the need for universal glassware, this collection includes stemmed glasses, tumbler, and decanter.

Machine-made and dishwasher safe.
This pack contains 2 pieces. 

  • Year of design 2022
  • Volume 35.097 oz
  • Height 10.276 inch
  • Box quantity 2
  • Type of Manufacturing machine-made
  • Material Crystal

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