allen & petersen introduces
    ProBond Cookware
    designed for you
    home chefs
    ProBond Clad Stainless Steel combines the resiliency of cold forged steel with the performance of stainless. So it not only delivers the conduction and control to master new dishes. It will look beautiful for years (and recipes) to come. The polished stainless rim paired with brushed steel body creates a striking look. This cookware was meant to be cooked in, and it shows. Magnificently.
    Triple-bonded stainless steel construction with ProCore aluminum delivers 35% greater heat conductiviity than other aluminum clad cookware.
    ProBond's thick sealed rims protect against delamination and pitting increasing durability and life of the pan. Plus, you'll find them easy to pour with the flared edges.
    Forged steel guarantees a strong base for even heat distribution. And the brushed steel exterior finish of ProBond Cookware ensures resilient beauty for years to come.
    ProBond Fry Pans have 20% more cooking surface for better browning.
    Flush rivets prevent food buildup for easy cleaning and nest neatly within each other for easy storage.
    Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.
    Ideally weighted ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip
    Handcrafted in Italy. Lifetime warranty.
    ProBond Cookware
    Heavy-duty durability.
    Lightweight maneuverability.
    High-performance heat conduction.
    Low-maintenance beauty.
    Whether its one fry pan, a saute pan, a wok, or the 10 piece set - we believe you'll love the performance of your new ProBond Stainless Cookware.
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    20 products

    20 products

    ProBond 10 Piece Set
    12.5" ProBond Fry Pan
    5 Qt ProBond Covered Essential Pan w/ Helper Handle.
    14" ProBond Covered Wok
    11" ProBond Fry Pan
    8.5" ProBond Fry Pan
    8 Qt ProBond Covered Stock Pot
    3 Qt ProBond Covered Soup Pot
    3.5 Qt ProBond Covered Sauteuse
    3.5 Qt ProBond Covered Saute
    5 Qt ProBond Covered Saute w/ Helper Handle
    4 Qt ProBond Covered Saucepan w/ Helper Handle
    3 Qt ProBond Covered Saucepan
    2 Qt ProBond Covered Saucepan
    1.5 Qt ProBond Covered Saucepan
    12.5" ProBond TITUM NonStick Fry Pan
    11" ProBond TITUM NonStick Fry Pan
    8.5" ProBond TITUM NonStick Fry Pan Hestan
    16.5" Classic Roaster W/ Rack
    TITUM® Nonstick Essential Pan, 3.5-Quart