ooni pizza ovens

rondy like a boss!
take to the re-start &
cheer on your dog team.
ooni's will travel.

HAPPY MARCH - SPRING IS JUST Around the corner

shamrock shenanigans

storage just arrived

perfect for a stylish & classic kitchen.

shun knives

clearly, we love bread.

Did you know the average person will eat over 18,000 sandwiches in their lifetime. So you need the perfect knife for making them: the Shun Classic Ultimate Utility Knife, aka Sandwich Knife.

looks good. cooks better.

details make the difference - midtown anchorage & wasilla exclusive - found only at Allen & Petersen

together we are Alaska’s #1 gourmet cooking & kitchen store.

mason cash
intricately embossed
A perfect addition to any kitchen.
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colorful artisan stand mixers
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hey Alaska, create a false spring in your kitchen today.

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Lavender Cream Artisan 5Qt Stand Mixer
Flutter By Shaped Potholder
Tulip In The Meadow 9.75" Mixing Bowl
Cane 11.25" Mixing Bowl
habitat housewares
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still a classic...only better.
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everyone's favorite hobnail glassware!

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Jupiter Sage Ice Bev Glass 13oz
Jupiter Sage DOF Glass 10oz
Jupiter Sage Martini 11.5 oz
Jupiter Sage Cereal Bowl 5x5x2.3", 13.5oz
enjoy a mug of soothing tea
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habitat housewares
packed with flavor
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morning bliss

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Ebelskiver Iron Pan
Creative Ivory 1 Pint Whip Cream Dispenser
Barista Express Espresso Machine
4 Cup SS Egg Poacher 1.5 qt

hestan nanobond

ground breaking innovation

equip the kitchen with Hestan NanoBond Cookware!

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brilliantly engineered tools

quality, durability, function and soooo soft.

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