Sugar Saver Gingerbread

Sugar Saver Gingerbread

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Sweet Sugar Saver: Find a cute creature nestled in your jar of brown sugar. High-fired and food-safe terracotta ensures sugar stays soft and maintains moisture for 3-6 months. Set of 3 identical shapes

Easy To Use: Soak terracotta saver for 15-20 minutes, pat dry and then place in the jar. Will help sugar stay fresh for months. To clean, just rinse with clean water, do not use soap as it could absorb the scent

Keep Soft: place in with brown sugar, baked goods, cakes, cookies, marshmallows or dried fruit to soften and maintain moisture

Versatile: Use dry, without soaking, to absorb moisture and keep spices, salt, crackers, pretzels and chips dry and crispy longer