Salle Rose Kitchen Tea Towel

Salle Rose Kitchen Tea Towel

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Geoweave™ technology for super-absorbency, fast-drying, and superior cleaning
♺ Made from post-consumer recycled materials

MICROFIBER - In their quest to create the perfect kitchen tea towel and after dozens of tests, it became clear that microfiber was the ideal fabric for all our kitchen needs.

WAFFLE WEAVE CONSTRUCTION - The tightly knitted waffle weave construction results in an increased drying and cleaning surface area that is perfectly soft and powerfully effective when taking care of spills, drying dishes, or wiping down countertops, all without scratching.

QUICK-DRYING - Let’s face it, a wet towel can quickly become a smelly towel. This kitchen tea towels is designed to dry faster which means more time between washes and an overall fresher kitchen towel experience.

SUPERIOR CLEANING - This kitchen tea towel lead the pack when it comes to picking up dirt, spills, and even bacteria. With just a little water, this towel can tackle the toughest of cleaning jobs, allowing you to use less harmful cleaning chemicals.

NEXT-LEVEL ABSORBENCY - The absorbency of the premium microfiber is hard to beat, absorbing nearly 7X its weight in liquid.

18 x 30”

SUSTAINABILITY - All of Geometry’s products are made from post-consumer materials - helping to reduce waste in our environment and conserve water during the manufacturing process. 1 Geometry Tea Towel = 3.5 recycled plastic bottles, Water saved = 2.5 gallons.