Ooni Premium Assorted Oak Pack
Ooni Premium Assorted Oak Pack

Ooni Premium Assorted Oak Pack

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The wood pieces in this pack are designed to fit the Ooni Karu 16 and will not fit in the Ooni Karu 12 or Ooni Karu 12G.

Due to fluctuations in moisture content some units may be lower than the mass advertised. We are currently working to update the packaging to reflect this however the amount of wood packed per box does remain constant with a small unavoidable tolerance.

Get everything you need to cook with fire in your Ooni Karu 16 oven with the Ooni Premium Assorted Oak Pack. Combine the natural wood wool firelighters, wood kindling and varied wood pieces in the fuel tray located in the back of the Karu 16 to build and maintain a fire that will add subtle, smoky flavors to any pizza while powering the oven. These sustainably-sourced hardwood oak pieces are created especially to work in a Karu 16 – they’re sized to fit the fuel tray and are kiln dried to a 15-20% moisture level for a faster, hotter cook.

  • 8x Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters to get you started.
  • Ooni Premium Hardwood 5″ (13cm) Oak Logs to build your fire (~25% of box).
  • A mix of bespoke sized Ooni Premium Hardwood 4″ (10cm) Oak Chunks (~25%) and Ooni Premium Hardwood 8″ (20cm) Oak Logs (~50%).