Onyx Induction Single Cooktop
Onyx Induction Single Cooktop

Onyx Induction Single Cooktop

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The Onyx Induction Cooktop is a sleek, portable, and even more versatile induction solition that is safe and easy to use. It quickly heats up cookware and allows you to cook up to twice as fast as traditional cooking surfaces which saves energy, time, and money.

  • 8 Quick Launch buttons: Melt, Warm, Simmer, Rapid Boil, Sauté, Brown, Sear, and Stir-Fry
  • Slanted Panel
  • Built-In Timer
  • Safety lock
  • 13.07 × 16.53 × 4.01 in

The Onyx Induction Cooktop offers a superior cooking solution for any kitchen. Its wide temperature range allows you to complete any cooking task easily, quickly, and safely. It is perfect for anyone interested in induction.