Miele Dishwasher Tabs 60 pack

Miele Dishwasher Tabs 60 pack

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You don't need to have a Miele dishwasher to use the best Dishwasher Tabs on the market for cleaning your dishes!
Here at Allen & Petersen we make sure they are on hand, because they are surperior to other brands.

UltraTabs All in 1, 60 tabs for best cleaning results in a dishwashers.

  • Shining results - even with stubborn soiling
  • No unpacking thanks to water-soluble foil
  • With functions such as rinse aid, salt and glassware protection
  • Phosphate-free - good for the environment
  • Simply perfect dishwashing.

Each dishwasher detergent tablet features a powerful enzyme formula and a three-layer construction that delivers superior wash results. Simply toss it into the detergent compartment and close.

Contains 60 Tabs