Food Safety Infrared
Food Safety Infrared
Food Safety Infrared

Food Safety Infrared

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Wait till you get one of these Infrared Food Service Thermometers in your hand! You'll be impressed by this infrared thermometer's solid feel and the comfortable angle of the sensor and display. We think this Infrared Thermometer is much nicer than other models. First, they used a higher quality lens and optical arrangement.

  • High Quality 12:1 optics
  • Bright laser pointer
  • Point and Shoot simplicity
  • Max temp and reading hold features
  • Handy button for switching from °C to °F
  • Range to 536°F (280°C)
  • You'll notice the difference in this ir thermometer as soon as you look at the sensor end of the gun. Most importantly, 12:1 optics mean the Infrared Food Service Thermometer reads a smaller spot diameter at a greater distance. Previous gun-shaped infrared thermometer models read only 4:1 and some new competition read less than 3:1. That means you have to hold those infrared thermometers very close to the target (nearly touching).

    Operation of the Infrared Food Service Thermometer couldn't be simpler. Just pull the trigger and point the laser at your subject. The thermometer's display updates instantly and locks the reading when you release the trigger. The ir thermometer's Max function records the highest temp during the scan with no complicated buttons or settings.

    The Infrared Food Service Thermometer's emissivity is preset to 0.97 for more accurate general use in food and frozen food applications. Other than the "On" trigger, the only other button on this ir thermometer is the °C/°F button, which we moved to a handy spot on the display panel. No more digging inside the handle to change scales.