Enfinigy Milk Frother
Enfinigy Milk Frother
Enfinigy Milk Frother
Enfinigy Milk Frother

Enfinigy Milk Frother

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This high-quality electric milk frother produces creamy, soft, microbubble foam. Velvety milk froth is what sets a barista-made coffee drink apart. Aerating milk before pouring it into your coffee adds a pleasing texture and lends sweetness to the beverage without adding sugar. With this compact appliance, you can achieve froth and foam at the press of a button. Froth hot or cold milk or milk substitutes or whip up creamy cocoa drinks. With easy to clean, removable parts, clean-up is a cinch. This sleekly designed frother is available in black or silver.

The innovative ZWILLING family of coffee electrics delivers full bodied, smooth tasting brews for coffee lovers with discerning tastes. In addition to the milk frother, the thoughtfully designed 12-cup capacity drip coffee maker boasts precise and consistent brewing temperatures and the powerful burr grinder grinds coffee beans to a uniform size. This sleek, easy-to-use trio of products turns out coffeehouse-worthy drinks at the press of a button.

  • 6.75-ounce capacity for hot milk and 13.5-ounce capacity for cold milk
  • Max capacity clearly marked inside cup to help prevent spillovers
  • Produces creamy, soft microbubble foam
  • Suitable for milk, and plant-based milk substitutes
  • Includes 2 attachments: stirring and frothing
  • Automatic turn off when finished, cycle is approximately 4 minutes
  • Removable, easy to clean stainless-steel cup and attachments for hygienic handling of milk
  • Integrated cord winder for convenient storage
  • Available in black or silver