Cut Resistance Glove
Cut Resistance Glove
Cut Resistance Glove

Cut Resistance Glove

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 Protects fingers from sharp blades when  
grating or slicing food
Recommended for use with the Z-Cut Tower/Box 
Grater and Multi-Grater/Mandoline
Made from cut-resistant & food safe materials: 
HPPE, spandex, fiberglass.
Cut and abrasion resistant
Size 8, suitable for both left and right-handed 
Machine washable
Not recommended for use with knives

Safely grate, slice, and zest with these ultra-durable gloves
Safely grate food with power and confidence with the Z-Cut abrasion-resistant gloves 
designed to protect fingers from sharp blades during food prep. Finely grate cabbage 
and onions with the box grater and slice hard and soft cheeses with the multi-grater, 
all while keeping your fingers safely out of harm’s way.
Made from spandex, fiberglass, and HPPE, a high-quality cut-resistant material, these 
gloves are durable, food-safe, and hygienic. Available in one-size, they are suitable for 
both left and right-handed users. Although they are compatible with Z-Cut products, 
these gloves are not recommended for use with knives. Machine washable, you can 
easily keep the gloves clean without sacrificing their functionality and comfort.