Ballarini Parma 12" Fry Pan Nonstick
Ballarini Parma 12" Fry Pan Nonstick

Ballarini Parma 12" Fry Pan Nonstick

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Cooks can't resist the outstanding performance and ease of use offered by the superior Ballarini Parma line. Thanks to the revolutionary speckled Granitium nonstick coating, Ballarini Parma cookware boasts exceptional scratch resistance, quick release and effortless cleanup. Thermopoint technology lets you know when your pan is hot or cool, ensuring a perfect cooking temperature every time. With optimal heat retention and distribution, these Italian-made pans heat evenly and rapidly for energy-efficient cooking.

The Parma 12" Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan is the go-to pan for perfect frying and even browning. The revolutionary speckled Granitium nonstick coating boasts quick release for effortless eggs. Appealing to the eye, this ultra durable coating has a heart of stone - it is fork-proof, metal-safe and extremely scratch-resistant, increasing the lifespan of your pan. The easy-to-clean surface ensures that no time is wasted on washing and more time can be spent on cooking.

Ballarini's innovative Thermopoint heat-sensitive handle turns red when hot and green when cool. This lets you know when the pan's temperature is just right for stellar stir-frying and properly cooled off for uncomplicated cleaning. Made from the most pure aluminum in the industry, the fry pan's cold forged body heats up rapidly and evenly with no hot spots. Three times more energy efficient than cast iron, aluminum is also wonderfully light, eliminating any arm strain. The ergonomic, stay cool handle offers a comfortable grip for maximum control. With Ballarini, experience the ease of nonstick expertise.


  • THERMOPOINT technology lets you know when the pan is hot
    enough for cooking or cool enough to touch, reducing unnecessary
    overheating and damage.
  • Revolutionary GRANITIUM speckled nonstick coating guarantees
    exceptional scratch resistance and is safe to use with metal utensils
  • The body is made of the most pure aluminum (99.9% pure) in the
    industry for dishwasher safe durability
  • Every stage of production takes place within Ballarini's modern Italian
    factory, ensuring superior quality control

    Features & Benefits:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • GRANITIUM nonstick coating is reinforced with ceramic particles and
    revolutionary speckles, boasting exceptional scratch resistance for all
    types of utensils
  • The triple-layer, PFOA-free nonstick coating offers quick release and
    superior browning, requiring less oil for healthier cooking
  • Cold forged aluminum body ensures efficient heating spread uniformly
    across the entire pan's surface
  • THERMOPOINT technology guarantees precise temperature control,
    reducing unnecessary overheating and damage.
  • Stay cool handle offers a comfortable grip and maximum control
  • Easy-to-clean exterior ceramic coating is ultra heat resistant
  • Made in Italy