Apron Chef Juliette

Apron Chef Juliette

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Escape to the French countryside with this ‘au courant’ rendering of a vintage motif. In calming blue and white, delicate florals and gentle birds infuse your home with a ‘joie de vivre’.

Add a vintage blue and white motif to a modern or traditional kitchen by wearing this Juliette Chef Apron. Long waist ties offer a customized fit and a place to tuck your tea towel while you work.

Traditional chef styling offers a practical design that fits most, and 40-inch ties allow plenty of length to wrap around and tie in front

A crisp blue and white floral pattern complements your kitchen workspace as you prepare your favorite recipes

100% cotton construction makes it a comfortable, durable and lasting choice for everyday use

Machine wash on warm and tumble dry low. Iron the on high for a crisp finish

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