Creative Ivory 1 Pint  Whip Cream Dispenser

Creative Ivory 1 Pint Whip Cream Dispenser

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Variety Meets Indulgence! Turn your favorite sweet and savory dishes into light and airy taste sensations: from delicious mousses, toppings and whipped cream all the way to tasty dips and cocktail foams. Enjoy delicious vegan and non-dairy recipes prepared in no time at all.

  • Box includes: stainless steel lever handled whipper with silicone covered charger holder and bottle cover, 2 tips, cleaning brush, silicone contents band, recipe booklet, and easy instructions.
  • Entirely dishwasher safe
  • Reduces food waste - the closed system allows your creation to be stored in the refrigerator for several days without the addition of preservatives
  • Flexible, handy and stylish all at the same time - this practical kitchen tool has a place in every kitchen
  • Chic wave design silicone cover makes the whipper easy to hold and dispense for everyone
  • Lever handle operation is convenient and easy to operate – just like a professional
  • Use with original iSi Professional Chargers or new iSi Eco Series Professional Chargers for money saving results every time