Entwine Engraved Coasters S/4
Entwine Engraved Coasters S/4

Entwine Engraved Coasters S/4

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With natural acacia wood grain patterns, each coaster in these sets is truly unique. Danica Studio symbols are laser-engraved into the surface, creating a splendid medallion effect.

Leaves and vines span and reach, flowers frolic and bloom. The patterns of nature are rendered in delightful lines, shapes, and shades. Entwine invites you to wrap yourself in the botanical embrace of nature.

Made from durable Acacia wood. These coasters are lazer engraved with our unique Imprint designs. Engraving is relatively shallow but texture can easily be felt. All four patterns within the set are the same

Material 100% Acacia
Care Instructions Wipe clean
Item Width (in) 4 Item Length (in) 4 Item Height (in) 0.5