Selecting Great Laundry… From Someone Who’s Terrible at It


By Amanda Dixon, Appliance Specialist

Confession: I hate doing the laundry. Actually, I think I might detest it. I will willingly clean the house, happily cook any meal, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere and my line is laundry. While I’m confessing, I’ll say this too: I’m not even good at it.

So, why listen to me when it comes to choosing your laundry pair? Shouldn’t you be hearing this from someone who’s great at laundry and maybe even likes it? I believe that if I can find a laundry pair that makes even me an amazing laundress, I know I can find the right pair for you, too! Because I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like laundry….

First step: Don’t complicate the uncomplicated. The first thing us laundry-haters might be tempted to do while putting a load in a “complicated” washer is to feel overwhelmed by all the options- what heat and or cycle setting, material type, amount of detergent, etc. Truthfully, washers are ‘smart’ enough these days that you really can just press one button and be done with it. Let those amazing little buttons do their job! For example, this GE top loading set has a feature called Cleanspeak. You can simply touch the button that shows the type of stain on your clothes and it will do the work of decision making for you. It will release the right amount of detergent as well as the right water temperatures at the correct time in the cycle to best resolve the stains. Not only that- it is also connected to the dryer so you don’t have to change any settings on the dryer, it will already know what you just washed and dry accordingly. How amazing is that?!

Second: Load size vs. tub size. Do you fill your washer tub just a bit too full of laundry? Choose a washer with a high capacity. Front load is the best for this! For example, I know that even if I had a smaller capacity washer, I would still attempt to cram it with all my clothes… therefore, I know choosing the largest capacity would be the wisest choice for me.

Third: Are you a laundry prepper? Are you known to spend time checking pockets and tucking away strings? I’ll let you know that I’m not. So, unfortunately, I’ve had many laundry casualties this way. I leave hoodie strings and drawstrings to their demise by not tucking them away or tying them off. Undoubtedly, they get stuck in the agitator and get twisted and stretched. So to me, the non-laundry-prepper should probably choose a washer without an agitator.

Finally: Do you neglect a finished load? Whirlpool and Maytag have a front loading washer that features a Fan Fresh system that starts to fan and circulate air in your front load washer once the wash cycle has finished. It’s great if you wash a load and forget it for a day - no need to rewash! Another favorite feature of mine is the steam in the dryer. Didn’t remember to wash an item and need it for work in the morning? Don’t have time to take your blazer to the dry cleaner? Just toss it in the dryer with a bit of steam, and voila! Totally refreshed clothing without needing a wash cycle! This set features both items.

Let amazing washers and dryers work on your behalf! Come by Allen & Petersen and we’ll find you the perfect laundry pair, no matter what kind of launderer you are!


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