Agitator or No Agitator? Finding the Top Load Washer for You

By Rich Gonzalez, Appliance Specialist

In the world of top load washers, there is a decision to be made: agitator or no agitator. Agitators, the mechanism responsible for stirring and rotating a load, rubs clothes together to get them cleaner. Most of us have grown up with top load washers with agitators in them; although it is still rather new to see a non-agitator top load washer, they now make up half of top load washers.

But why all the fuss over agitator or non-agitator top load washers? Well, when the agitator spins, it rubs clothes together, making your clothes a little cleaner. This works best with heavy-duty fabrics, such as workwear. If, however, your needs are best suited for casual or office wear, a non-agitator washer is gentler than an agitator washer. Unfortunately, though, with a non-agitator machine you can’t merely toss clothes in—you definitely have to layer them for maximum benefit.


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