14  Carbon Steel Wok

14 Carbon Steel Wok

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This Professional Series carbon steel wok might require an update to your will. Because family will want something special you made on your own, something you aged with each meal you cooked, something you imbued with a flavorful seasoning and a special character that’s uniquely your own. So you see, this classic cookware is destined to become your very own heritage piece, joining the ranks of that cherished tea pot or timeless carving knife. No two uncoated carbon steel woks age quite the same way. While they begin their life in your kitchen shiny and bright, the more you use them, the more they evolve, developing a unique seasoning to the surface. Yes, the metal will darken. But do not be alarmed! This is all part of the process, which could take a few months before the pan turns completely black, like a cast iron pan, but without the bulk and brittleness common to that composition. Carbon steel is lighter, stronger, thinner, and smoother. And it’ll be in your kitchen for a long time—unless your heirs have something to say about it.