Spinach Florentine Risotto

Spinach Florentine Risotto

Spinach Florentine Flavor-Ready Risotto Rice combines premium short grain rice, fragrant spinach and subtle spices for a convenient way to achieve a classic Italian flavor in risottos. We mix absorbent Arborio rice and spinach with aromatics and traditional seasoning for an exceptional rice blend with the flavor of Florence.

Highest quality traditional risotto rice, Arborio Rice, is blended with fragrant spinach and spices

Cooks to a traditional creamy, velvety risotto

Translucent short grain white rice colored with green herb and spinach flakes

Gluten free

Serve as savory side instead of stuffing

Add healthy serving of steamed vegetables for hearty vegetarian meal

Add diced tomatoes and pine nuts

Pair with simply prepared cooked fish, chicken or lamb

Add gourmet flair to any meal

Use instead of pasta or rice anytime

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