Popcorn on the Cob 8 oz.
Popcorn on the Cob 8 oz.

Popcorn on the Cob 8 oz.

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A fun and delicious new spin on a classic popcorn variety, this Popcorn on the Cob 3-pack set will be an instant must-have for gourmet popcorn lovers!

Each 8 oz. tube makes popcorn larger than life. The top of each jar features a viewing window to the yellow kernels within and with the realistic kernel graphics, you'll swear you're holding an actual ear of corn!

Golden and delicious, the Big & Yellow gourmet popcorn variety is a much loved favorite of many. Tender but big, each kernel pops up delicious and with plenty of crunch. When popped, the kernel has a "butterfly" shape, meaning the "wings" of each piece are perfect for catching toppings of all kinds.

Please note: Corn is not actually on the cob. You will receive 1 jar of loose kernels, with a net weight of .8 oz/.5 lb.

Jar measure 3" x 2.5" x 3.5". Bucket shown in photo is not included.