Extra Fine Popcorn Salt
Extra Fine Popcorn Salt

Extra Fine Popcorn Salt

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Size: 16 Oz 

This Extra Fine Popcorn Salt is what you need to take freshly popped popcorn to another level altogether. What's unique about our popcorn salt, you ask? Well, its extra fine texture helps it cling evenly to every single popcorn. Even the teeny weeny ones if any. Don't we all know that a well-seasoned bowl of popcorn is the only kind worth savoring? 

Never serve bland popcorn ever again with our Extra Fine Popcorn Salt! 

Add just a healthy sprinkling as per your taste (we recommend about 1/4th teaspoon) and you're ready to enjoy a lip-smacking popcorn experience. Don't know how much salt to add? Keep the tub handy and let each person add salt to suit their taste. 

There you have it, salty crunchy popcorn for a great snacking experience! Trust us when we say that the right kind of salt makes a huge difference to your popcorn eating experience. Try it to know it.

 Key Features:

  • Extra fine texture
  • Zero Fats or calories