--24" Half Moon Cast Iron Grill

--24" Half Moon Cast Iron Grill

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Big Green Egg Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grid gives you the versatility to cook with multiple surfaces at once. The half moon cast iron grid creates sear marks on your food by utilizing the superior heat conductivity of cast iron. The cast iron gets very hot and retains heat, turning it into a perfect searing surface. The Big Green Egg half moon cast iron cooking grid fits the x-large Big Green Egg. Buy a set of two half moon cast iron grids or pair one with the half moon porcelain grid.

Serious grillers understand the importance of cast iron during the cooking process. Over time your cast iron cooking grids will season and develop flavor profiles that will aid in cooking future meals. Due to cast irons ability to retain heat, you will be able to sear steaks and chops on both sides even after lifting the lid of your Big Green Egg. With proper care your cast iron cooking grids will last a lifetime. Before or after cooking, use a brush to lightly coat your cast iron with oil to prevent oxidation. Also, properly clean the cast iron free of debris without using soap or water. Using soap and/or water will eliminate the seasoning of your cast iron and will leave it more prone to oxidation.

When it comes to grilling a steak, the Big Green Egg Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grid is one cooking accessory you will not want to be without!