the leprechaun took my...

Congratulations to Sandy Potvin, winner of our
Leprechaun fable giveaway & a shiny new Emile Henry Soup Pot, ready to be filled with savory servings as good as gold!

"Those silly leprechauns thought taking my spatulas would be the best prank. Little did they know I really needed them for dinner. All my family was coming to help celebrate. How could I finish decorating the cake without my spatulas? No offset spatula for a clean smooth icing layer, what’s a woman to do? A knife would have to do. Not my prettiest cake decorating but it would have to do. Now where did my decorating set go? I know we put it back after all the Christmas cookie decorating, with the grandkids, was done. I’m searching through the cabinet when a leprechaun jumped out wearing an icing bag as a hat. I jumped back, hitting my head, and missed grabbing him. That’s where my decorating set went! If I could only find that leprechaun maybe he would give them back. So I sat on the floor and called to him, asking to please come talk to me. After a few minutes he appeared sitting on the counter by the sink. I introduced myself and he said his name was Paddy. Then I heard laughing. Seems like he had friends in on this prank. While pleading for them to join our conversation I tried to explain my dilemma. “You see, St Patrick’s Day is my birthday and my daughter, son in law, and grandkids were coming over for dinner. My oldest granddaughter loves baking and decorating. She would be there soon to finish the cake. Would they please give me back my decorating set?” After Paddy and his friends whispered together for a few minutes he made a proposal. They would return my tools if Ashlyn, my oldest granddaughter, would make them one of her Sour-cream Coffeecake pies. I was surprised they knew about the pie she invented in honor of my mom’s coffee cake. But then they are magic! I looked in my in my fridge and cupboards, finding all the needed ingredients. The deal was made and my decorating set was returned just in the nick of time. The family came busting in and Ashlyn decorated my cake. Then I shared my leprechaun deal with her and she made their pie. That night the pie disappeared. In its place were my spatulas. I had totally forgotten about them in all the excitement."

Well, we hope it will be a very Happy Birthday AND St. Patrick's day for Sandy!!

Congratulations and thanks to all for your submissions!